About VROM

Here you will find information about VROM and its board, the participating Volvo clubs and our sponsors.

VROM - Volvo Rendezvous & Owners Meeting

The abbreviation VROM stands for Volvo Rendezvous & Owners Meeting and is a nonprofit organization that annually organizes a meeting for Volvo enthusiasts from around the world. VROM funded by participation fees and sponsors. Main sponsor is Volvo Cars Heritage.  

The main points at VROM is visits, classic car rally, spare parts market and exhibition. Everything in and around Volvo's hometown Gothenburg. 

Welcome to VROM - a meeting point for Volvo enthusiasts!


IVM - International Volvo Meeting

The idea to create an umbrella organization for the large Volvo meetings came from some people within the Swedish VROM organization. Policies were developed and then intensified work to implement the plan. IVM currently includes the following organizations: 

  - VROM, Volvo Rendezvous & Owners Meeting (Sverige)
  - Volvo Frenn Letzebuerg (Luxemburg)
  - SVM, Swiss Volvo Meeting (Schweiz)
  - Volvo-Club Deutschland e.V. (Tyskland)
  - Volvo Beurs Utrecht (Holland).

The IVM is an organization by Member State and the goal of the organization is to send a Volvo meeting as VROM into Europe. Each organization arranges in order an annual three-day reunion.

VROM's Board of Directors currently consists of the following persons: 

Chairman: Håkan Gedda

Secretary: Jan Fröberg

Treasurer: Bo Krüger

Auditors: Thomas Kjellberg, Johan Rudbäck

Member: Lennart Lejd, Martin Pettersson 

Member: Jan Andersson, Bengt Carlsson 

Nomination Committee: Lars Wijkmark, Ulf Pilo


Participating Volvo Clubs:

Svenska Volvo 140-klubben

Svenska Volvo PV-Klubben

Svenska Volvo Amazonklubben

Svenska Volvo P1900-klubben

Stor Volvo Klubben

Svenska 480 Klubben

Svenska Volvo 7/900 Klubben

Svenska Volvo C70-klubben


Tidningen Klassiker



World Of Volvo

Volvo Cars Heritage