VROM 2023 / 18-20/8

FRIDAY - 18/8

Guided visit to Aeroseum in Säve, Gothenburg.

Gathering at 11.00, guided tour starts at 11.30.

Visitors pay entry, (130 SEK/person (for other prices see Aeroseum's website)) VROM offers a guide. Parking, SEK 20/car. Address, Nya Bergets väg 50, Gothenburg. Cafe available on site.

Guiding in Swedish alt. English.

Please take a look at Aeroseum's website, https://aeroseum.se/

The registration period is unfortunately over and therefore closed.



VROM round south of Gothenburg, which this year goes from Hede Station outside Kungsbacka to Volvohallen in Torslanda. The round takes just over two hours to drive at a reasonable vintage car pace, excluding stops for questions and food/coffee.

The start is between 10.00 - 12.00 and the first finish time is at 12.00. The latest finish time is 16.00. Feel free to take the time to stop and enjoy nature and look at the other participants' cars. Food truck is on site at the finish line. Starting point: https://goo.gl/maps/TamfXtHfAa7dTskTA

If you have your own picnic bag, there are several nice places to stop.

In the evening, at 17.00, a lecture in the Volvo hall with a representative from World of Volvo. More info:  https://www.worldofvolvo.com/en/

SUNDAY - 20/8

Exhibition and market in connection with the Volvo Museum in Arendal, Gothenburg. Food truck will be on site as well as serving outside the Volvo Museum. No pre-registration is required for visitors or exhibitors. Free entrance.

Dalbo Fordonsteknik is on site close to Volvo Museum to show its range.


Speaker: Jonas Wepsiläinen  

09.00  VROM opens and Jonas Wepsiläinen and Håkan Gedda welcome everyone and inform about the day's activities

During the day there will be information, interviews and presentations of exciting and interesting Volvo cars

10.00  The speaker presents exciting and interesting Volvo cars

12.00  Presentation of this year's anniversary car Volvo Duett 70 years

13.00  Presentation of the year's second Anniversary car Volvo 855 30 years

14.00  Award ceremony for Saturday's VROM round

15.00  Presentation of the "Nicest Club Car" 2023

16.00  This year's VROM ends